Antique Tashkent “Suzani”

(DK-110-49)   Antique
5'11" x 7'9" (180cm x 236cm)
Central Asia, Uzbekistan: Late 19th Century
Embroidery, silk stitching on cotton
A striking antique embroidery in the distinct style and color palette of the city of Tashkent, presently the capital of Uzbekistan. This design, with large discs, densely stitched in red silk on cotton cloth, is known locally as "oi paliak" (moon sky) and has astrological symbolism.

Used as ceremonial bed covers and wall hangings, pieces like this are associated with local wedding customs and are among the most impressive examples of textile art anywhere.
Condition & Remarks
Very well preserved, complete and clean. Backed with new linen.

Medium, Textiles, Blankets, etc