Fantastic Beni Mguild Berber Rug

7'4" x 9'5" (220cm x 283cm)
Morocco, Middle Atlas Mountains: Mid-20th Century
Knotted pile: wool
$9,750 (Available)
Medium, Shag
A great old Moroccan Berber carpet woven by the Beni Mguild tribes of the Central Middle Atlas Mountains, who, in addition to their richly designed carpets, have a strong tradition of weaving monochromatic pieces like this one. Though less famous than their neighbors, the Beni Ouarain, the weavings of the Beni Mguild represent an equally rich, authentic and ancient tradition of Berber culture.

This is a particularly high quality example with a dense weave, great wool and very pleasing color shifts that enliven its minimalist aesthetic. The wider and shorter than usual proportions are rare too.
Condition & Remarks
Excellent. Very well preserved, sturdy and clean.